Saturday 07 October | 13:00 - 14:00

D. Spalton UK

Welcome & review of 2016 ESCRS survey data, opening ARS

A. Abulafia Israel

Pre-operative tools & diagnostics: improved treatment planning for Toric IOL patients

R. Nuijts The Netherlands

Intraoperative surgical alignment: technologies and techniques to navigate to your best option and outcomes

S. Srinivasan UK

Managing post-operative error with Toric IOL patients: pearls for success

R. Yeoh Singapore

Case presentations: Toric IOLs for irregular astigmatism

Final panel discussion & final ARS assessment

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Location: Room 4.1

Keys to Success with Toric IOL Astigmatism Correction

Moderator(s): D. Spalton UK D. Koch USA

J. Güell Spain

Welcome, opening ARS, review of ESCRS clinical survey data, goals of program, & introduction of OSD annual education plan

E. Messmer Germany

Prevalence of ocular surface disease and its impact on surgical outcomes

C. Baudouin France

Understanding of physiopathology: diagnosing & treating OSD based on DEWS II

B. Cochener France

Exploring OSD diagnostic testing, from simple to sophisticated

J. Benitez del Castillo Spain

Management of ocular surface in the context of surgery

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Location: Room 3.6

Ocular Surface Disease: Accurately Diagnose & Effectively Treat Your Surgical Patients

Moderator(s): B. Cochener France J. Güell Spain

H. Höh Germany

New objective measurement of Mplus with i-trace

B. Heintz Belgium

LENTIS Comfort – EDOF technology for every patient

D. Holland Germany

FEMTIS IOL – 2 years results with automated rhexis lens

A. Borkenstein Austria

LENTIS Max: MAGS - magnifying surgery – arising of a new special field in cataract surgery

Location: Room 4.5

The Oculentis Toolbox for Lens Surgery: LENTIS Mplus, LENTIS Comfort, FEMTIS & LENTIS Max

Moderator(s): P. Versace Australia

T. Kohnen Germany

F. Hengerer Germany

R. Ambrósio Brazil

P. Vinciguerra Italy

Location: Room 3.4

Pentacam® AXL and Corvis® ST: New Approaches for Combining Tomography with Biometry and Corneal Biomechanics

Moderator(s): R. Ambrósio Brazil C. Roberts USA

Z. Khoueir Lebanon

Introduction to MicroPulse® technology, clinical summary and treatment technique

R. Noecker USA

TSCPC vs. MicroPulse®: why, what and where

M. Töteberg-Harms Switzerland

IRIDEX MicroPulse® laser treatment and patient profiles

Location: Room 4.6

IRIDEX MicroPulse® Laser Revolutionizes Cyclophotocoagulation

Moderator(s): R. Noecker USA

T. Seiler Switzerland

News from the keratoplasty side

T.G. Seiler Switzerland

Can we improve the safety of LASIK?

J. Mehta Singapore

Energy is key

R. Menapace Austria

Low energy laser cuts

B. Pajic Switzerland

3 years of low energy femto-cataract surgery

B. Malyugin Russia

Complex cataract cases

G. Schmidinger Russia

Introducing a novel keratoplasty technique

Location: Room 4.7

FEMTO LDV Z8 – Always by Your Side

Moderator(s): T. Seiler Switzerland

M. Piovella Italy

Today’s cataract patients: aligning options, expectations & outcomes

B. Dick Germany

Patient identification & care with a new EDOF IOL

E. Fabian Germany

IOL evolution: clinical experience with next generation EDOF lens

H.B. Fam Singapore

The influence of posterior corneal surface data on IOL power calculation accuracy

O. Findl Austria

Improve outcomes & avoid errors: the importance of biometry for today’s cataract patients

Location: Room 4.3

Enhancing Outcomes in Cataract Surgery: The Future of Biometry & Premium IOLs

Moderator(s): B. Dick Germany S. Schallhorn USA

F. Carones Italy

Tips and Pearls to implant Extended Range of Vision IOL in new patient groups

F. Ribeiro Portugal

Implanting PC IOLs in LASIK patients

E. Mertens Belgium

The premium ophthalmology practice

Location: Room 3.1

The Premium Ophthalmology Practice: New Patient Groups for Presbyopia Correcting IOLs

Moderator(s): F. Carones Italy

C. Cursiefen Germany

Dry eye and blepharitis - new therapeutic options

G. Auffarth Germany

Dry eye and post surgical care - differences and similarities

Location: Room 4.4

New Strategies in the Treatment of Dry Eye Disease and Blepharitis

Moderator(s): C. Cursiefen Germany

Saturday 07 October | 18:00 - 19:30

R. Rajpal USA

R. Zadno USA

Opening Remarks

M. Elling Germany

PiXL for low myopia: clinical data

L.W. Kiak Singapore

PiXL for presbyopia and hyperopia

J. Marshall UK

Science of customized CXL

T. Seiler Switzerland

Customized CXL for keratoconus: my personal experience

Location: Meeting Center Room III

Next Generation Cross-Linking Applications

Moderator(s): R. Rajpal USA

Sunday 08 October | 13:00 - 14:00

T. Kohnen Germany

Welcome & review of 2016 ESCRS survey data, opening ARS

B. Cochener France

Patient selection and information

T. Kohnen Germany

Managing astigmatism in presbyopic IOL Patients

B. Dick Germany

Presbyopia IOL treatment options: EDOF IOLs

R. Bellucci Italy

Presbyopia IOL treatment options: bifocal/trifocal IOLs

F. Ribeiro Portugal

Other presbyopia IOL treatment options

Panel discussion: keys to further integrating presbyopia IOLs into a cataract practice

Supported by an independent medical education grant from:

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Location: Room 3.6

Keys for Success with Lens Based Presbyopia Correction: From Patient Selection to Visual Quality at all Distances

Moderator(s): B. Cochener France T. Kohnen Germany

D. Spalton UK

Introduction, review of 2016 ESCRS survey data, opening ARS

P. Stodulka Czech Republic

Today’s phacoemulsification options

A. Assaf Egypt

Principles of phacoemulsification: phaco fluidics

R. Packard UK

Principles of phacoemulsification: phaco power modulation

E. Fabian Germany

Matching machine setting parameters to specific cases

B. Aslan Turkey

Matching machine setting parameters to specific cases


Supported by an independent medical education grant from:

Location: Room 4.3

Surgical Phaco Basics: Optimizing Machine Settings for All Cases

Moderator(s): D. Spalton UK P. Rosen UK

C. Traverso Italy

Automated gonioscopy: a picture is worth more than words - gonioscopy as a clinical tool

L. Pinto Portugal

Automated gonioscopy: a picture is worth more than words - pros and cons of goniophotography

H.F. Gomez Colombia

OCT clinical application in the daily practice

Location: Room 3.5

360 Degrees of Glaucoma Management: Novel Automated Gonioscopy and OCT / OCT-Angiography

Moderator(s): C. Traverso Italy

S. Daya UK

Latest technology and experience with the TECHNOLAS® TENEO™ 317 model 2

T. Neuhann Germany

Therapeutic indications and latest technology on the VICTUS® femtosecond laser platform

T. Poole UK

The VICTUS® femtosecond laser platform in a public hospital setting

L. Cadarso Spain

Clinical experience with the enVista® and multifocal Versario® IOLs

E. Mertens Belgium

Multicentre European study with WIOL-CF in cataract patients - six months results

Location: Meeting Center Room 1

Visionary Cataract & Refractive Techniques: Explore With Us

Moderator(s): B. Malyugin Russia

E. Mertens Belgium

Total cornea power and AngioVue OCTA are fundamental to my refractive practice

D. Reinstein UK

The impact of Epithelial Thickness Mapping (ETM) in corneal refractive surgery

K. Mansouri Switzerland

Quantification of ocular structure and vasculature with AngioVue: redefining detection and monitoring of glaucoma

R. Silva Portugal

AngioVueHD and 3D PAR: a huge leap forward in facilitating imaging of retinal pathologies

A. El Maftouhi France

Unleashing the power of your OCT system - tips from an imaging expert

Location: Room 4.4

OCT & OCTA Innovations: Discover the New Gold Standard

Moderator(s): R. Silva Portugal

V. Daien France

Big Data: an innovative approach to assess efficacy and safety of intracameral cefuroxim

D. Kęcik Poland

Return on experience & surgeon's satisfaction from the first IC combination of mydriatic & anaesthesic

M. Labetoulle France

M. J. Tassignon Belgium

A. Behndig Sweden

Daily use of Mydrane is a new efficient tool for the surgeons

J. Guell Spain

The advantages of the drop less management in cataract surgery

Location: Room 4.2

Simplified Management of the Cataract Patient

Moderator(s): M. J. Tassignon Belgium A. Behndig Sweden

G. Staurenghi Italy

How to read OCTA images

R. Dolz Marco Spain

OCTA clinical applications

R. Dolz Marco Spain

G. Staurenghi Italy

OCTA live cases

Location: Room 3.4

OCT Angiography for First-Time User


D. Goldblum Switzerland

L. Robledo Switzerland

Eyestar OCT first clinical experience

W. Hill USA

Improving IOL power selection

A. Abulafia Israel

The Hill-RBF toric calculator

Location: Room 3.2

New Frontiers in IOL Prediction for Improved Refractive Outcomes

Moderator(s): S. Srinivasan UK

M. Khaimi USA

M. Gallardo USA

N. Koerber Germany

L. Au UK

Location: Room 4.6

MIGS Satellite Symposium

Moderator(s): D. Lubeck USA

R. Nuijts The Netherlands

PanOptix clinical update – clinical experience compared with current published data and ongoing clinical studies

H. Carreras Spain

Multifocality and astigmatism management femtolaser and image-guided technologies

J. Murta Portugal

FLACS and ORA for best results with PanOptix Toric


Location: Room 4.7

Bridging the Gap to Cataract Refractive Surgery

Moderator(s): R. Nuijts The Netherlands

J. Ball UK

Corneal refractive surgery – a suitable option for presbyopic patients

R. Morris UK

PRESBYOND: a personal decision process

J. Gertnere Latvia

Five years long-term results with SMILE

J. Vukich USA

The future of LVC: clinical & practice management considerations

S. Ganesh India

First experiences with SMILE for treating hyperopia within an international multicenter study

Location: Room 3.1

Taking Vision Further with Innovative Refractive Solutions

Moderator(s): S. Ganesh India S. Schallhorn USA

V. Camps Spain

Assessment of previous refractive surgery effects for MINI WELL: in vitro simulations

D. Tognetto Italy

The international multicenter FOCUS trial: aim and design

O. Moraru Romania

Visual Performance in cataract patients: study outcomes

G. Auffarth Germany

Patients satisfaction in cataract patients: study outcomes

H. Bissen-Miyajima Japan

Clinical outcomes in Asian eyes: personal experience

Location: Room 4.1

Quality of Vision with MINI WELL Extended Depth of Focus IOL: What's New?

Moderator(s): G. Auffarth Germany

Sunday 08 October | 18:00 - 20:00

A. Brezin France

Alcon 70 years introduction

M. Nanavaty UK

J. Mendicute Spain

P. Ursell UK

Incision integrity: manual vs preloaded IOL delivery + Influence of IOL material and design on YAG rates

D. Tognetto Italy

G. Scharioth Germany

Phaco tip design comparison and impact on fluidics

K. Khalifa Egypt

Y. Takhtaev Russia

Transition to polymer I/A

R. Ruiz Mesa Spain

K. Gundersen Norway

Presbyopia correction: quality of vision vs full range of vision

N. Pesztenlehrer Hungary

B. Galan Romania

Toric correction accuracy: detailed planning vs intra-operative measurement

Location: Room 4.1

INFOCUS – 2 Minutes to Better Surgery! Debating the Topics Most Important to Your Techniques

Moderator(s): A. Brezin France

Monday 09 October | 13:00 - 14:00

R. Nuijts The Netherlands


G. Auffarth Germany

The new Clareon BioMaterial

L. Werner USA

Clareon BioMechanic and BioOptic properties

R. Nuijts The Netherlands

Early clinical experience with the new Clareon BioMaterial

S. Lane USA

Previewing the first automated preloaded delivery device

Location: Room 3.6

Clareon IOL: A New Monofocal Platform

Moderator(s): R. Nuijts The Netherlands

P. Singh USA

A. Dmitriew Poland

E. Mertens Belgium

R. Fulga Germany

Location: Room 4.3

Laser Floater Removal Satellite Symposium

Moderator(s): D. Lubeck USA

S. Ahmad UK

CoQ10 and mitochondrial function: what is their role in ocular diseases?

P. Aragona Italy

Cross-Linked HA and CoQ10: their impact in dry eye disease & ocular surface damage

B. del Castillo Spain

CoQ10 and surgery: its benefits in corneal regeneration

F. Cordeiro UK

CoQ10 and glaucoma: evidence and effects in the preservation of Retinal Ganglion Cells

Location: Room 4.2

CoEnzyme Q10: New Approach in the Treatment of Corneal Damage and Glaucoma

Moderator(s): L. Schmetterer Austria

H. Dua UK

Inflammation in ocular surface disease: from diagnosis to treatment

A. Brezhnev Russia

Optimizing control of intraocular pressure in glaucoma: what are the challenges?

C. Baudouin France

Concurrent ocular surface disease and glaucoma: lessons from the clinic

Location: Room 3.1

Clinical Frontiers in Ocular Surface Disease and Glaucoma

Moderator(s): B.Cochener France


B. Qureshi UK

P. Artal Spain

F. Hengerer Germany

F. Badala Italy

Location: Room 3.2

iolAMD eyemax mono - A New and Unique Approach to Extending and Improving Visual Function in Patients with Maculopathy

Moderator(s): T. Neuhann Germany

R. Walters UK


S. Holland Canada

Corneal disease: epidemiology, prevention and treatment. Update on corneal transplantation

M. Montoya USA

Eye banking and future challenges

Questions and discussion

Free lunches sponsored by

Location: Meeting Center Room III

The ORBIS Symposium 2017: The Global Challenge of Corneal Disease

Moderator(s): R. Walters UK

A. Abulafia Israel

Abulafia-Koch regression formula: how to improve the prediction of postoperative astigmatic patient outcomes?

K. Nistad Norway

Refractive astigmatism outcomes with the Abulafia-Koch formula on 634 eyes

B. Cochener France

What are the technological features behind the new FineVisionHP?

Z. Nagy Hungary

Clinical outcomes and experience with the FineVisionHP

Location: Room 4.4

PhysIOL Satellite Meeting

Moderator(s): F. Ribeiro Portugal

M. Kahook USA

M. Economou Sweden

Location: Room 3.5

Perform Without Limits: Making Glaucoma Surgery Intuitive with the Kahook Dual Blade

Moderator(s): K. Mansouri Switzerland

J. Murta Portugal

Welcome and Introductions

E. Messmer Germany

The burden of dry eye disease in Europe

M. Stern USA

Understanding dry eye disease

M. Calonge Spain

Management of dry eye disease

J. Murta Portugal

Closing remark/ Q&A

Location: Room 4.5

Dry Eye Disease: From the Science to the Clinic

Moderator(s): J. Murta Portugal

P. Stodulka Czech Republic

New phakic IOL

J. Alfonso Spain

Presbyopic IPCL in pseudophaikc cases

J. Ancel France

My 1 year experience with IPCL phakic IOL

P. Stodulka Czech Republic

New trifocal IOL TriDIFF

Location: Room 4.6

Innovative Solutions of Presbyopia and Refractive Errors

Moderator(s): P. Stodulka Czech Republic R. Shetty India