Lunchtime Symposia Saturday 11 February | 13:00 - 14:00

T. Kohnen Germany

Completing presbyopia treatment options with the latest trifocal IOL technology: the AcrySof® IQ PanOptix™ family

B. Galan Romania

ORA wavefront aberrometry - the wave of tomorrow

R. Lapid The Netherlands

Changing paradigm of toric IOL calculation

M. Teus Spain

Incision architecture preservation with UltraSert™ IOL delivery system

Location: Auditorium 2

Astigmatism Treatment in Standard and Refractive Cataract Surgery

Moderator(s): R. Lapid The Netherlands

G. Kleinmann Israel

My best cases using Extended Range of Vision IOL’s

F. Kerkhoff The Netherlands

My best cases using a laser for cataract surgery

M. Shafik Egypt

My best cases using a Wavefront Guided Procedure for laser vision correction

Location: Paris 0.5

My Best Case Reports from Premium Cataract and Refractive Practice

Moderator(s): M. Shafik Egypt

F. Hengerer Germany

Spectacle independence and patient satisfaction with AT LISA tri

J. Ball UK

Why and how I choose PRESBYOND in my practice

F. Goes Belgium

Why we made the switch to SMILE

B. Meyer Germany

SMILE - tips and tricks for handling different situations

O. Ibrahim Egypt

SMILE - long term results with more than 5,000 cases

Location: Brussels 0.4

Shaping Tomorrow's Vision – ZEISS Innovative Refractive Solutions

Moderator(s): B. Şener The Netherlands

Morning Symposia Saturday 11 February | 18:00

M.J. Tassignon Belgium

Trends in mydriasis management across Europe: IC injection is of great interest but still marginally used

R. Nuijts The Netherlands

Mydrane: a new efficient and safe tool to obtain mydriasis

B. Cochener France

Drop less cataract surgery: improving efficiency

Location: Brussels 0.4

Intracameral Mydriasis: A New Tool for Efficient Cataract Surgery

Moderator(s): R. Nuijts The Netherlands