Friday 26 February | 13:00 - 14:00

M.J. Tassignon Belgium

Mydriasis: current medication & future directions

M. Labetoulle France

A new IC solution to manage efficiently and safely mydriasis during cataract surgery

B. Johansson Sweden

Improvement of daily practice thanks to IC injection of mydriatics

Location: Room MC2

IC Route the New Standard Route for Mydriasis in Cataract Surgery

Moderator(s): J. Güell Spain

Friday 26 February | 18:15

K. Boboridis Greece

Dry Eye: an inflammatory ocular disease

B. Cochener France

Dry Eye and refractive surgery

L. Schmetterer Austria

New treatment to improve Tear film thickness in Dry Eye Disease (DED)

I. Aslanides Greece

Treatment alternatives for ocular surface damage

Location: Room MC3

Occular Surface: What's New?

Moderator(s): B. Cochener France K. Boboridis Greece

Saturday 27 February | 13:00 - 14:00

O. Findl Austria

Patient benefits of the Extended Range of Vision IOL proven by large scale clinical studies

A. Hamid UK

Visual performance comparison of three presbyopia correcting IOLs

P. Zafeirakis Greece

Laser cataract surgery, what laser should I choose?

S. Morselli Italy

Looking for the best phaco settings to achieve the best outcomes

Location: Room MC3

Tools for Building a Successful Premium Practice. Innovations in IOL and Lens Extraction

Moderator(s): O. Findl Austria

A. Kanellopoulos Greece

Refractive, biomechanical and dry eye benefits - early clinical and ex Vivo outcomes with SMILE

D. Breyer Germany

4 years pioneering experience with SMILE for myopia from -1.0 to -10.00 D

J. Güell Spain

SMILE - retreatment options

O. Ibrahim Egypt

Long term experiences with SMILE - myopia, astigmatism and beyond

Location: Room MC2

Good reasons to SMILE – Discover the 3rd Generation of Laser Vision Correction

Moderator(s): A. Kanellopoulos  Greece

R. Nuijts The Netherlands

A new approach in trifocality: the AcrySof® IQ PanOptix® presbyopia correcting IOL

J. Murta Portugal

Intraoperative Wavefront Aberrometry: can it enhance your surgical outcomes?

C. Terzidou Greece

Pain, inflammation & macular edema after cataract surgery: improving patients’ outcomes

L. Mavroudis Greece

Preserving incision architecture through latest innovation: the Ultrasert pre-loaded system and Centurion Balanced tip

Location: Hall Skalkotas

Redefining the State of Art in Cataract Surgery and Cataract Treatment

Moderator(s): R. Nuijts The Netherlands

Saturday 27 February | 18:00

P. Vamosi Hungary

Our experience with Medicontur toric intraocular lens

M. Assouline France

Satisfying different patients' needs with multifocal IOLs

P. Sourdille France

Improving Multifocal IOLs, indications and expectations

B. Panagiotis Greece

PIL-MA; Medicontur Hydrophilic Preloaded Injection System: Safety - Efficacy – Advantages

G. Scharioth Germany

Scharioth Macula Lens – the new hope for patients with macula degeneration

S. Srinivasan UK

Early experience with Scharioth Macula Lens

Location: Room MC3

Premium IOLs: “Predictable Satisfactory Results”. Innovation by Medicontur

Moderator(s): P. Sourdille France A. Kontur Hungary

J. Marshall UK

The science of refractive cross-linking

M. Elling Germany

PIXL™ for myopia: clinical results

V. Rodriguez Spain

PIXL™ implementation in my practice

A. Kanellopoulos Greece

Trans-epithelial cross-linking for low myopia

M. Elling Germany

J. Marshall UK

V. Rodriguez Spain

Panel discussion

Location: Room MC2

PIXL™: Non-Invasive Vision Improvement

Moderator(s): J. Marshall UK