Friday 04 September | 12:45 - 13:45 | ESCRS Glaucoma Day

S. Gandolfi Italy

Simbrinza® unlocks treatment possibilities

N. Pfeiffer Germany

How compliance improves treatment efficacy

A. Anton Spain

From medication to surgery: the Spanish experience with the ExPress® device

Open Discussion

Location: Room 9

A Glaucoma Journey from New Medication to Surgery

Moderator(s): S. Gandolfi Italy

Saturday 05 September | 13:00 - 14:00


The innovative optics of the Extended Range of Vision IOL

G. Auffarth Germany

Large scale clinical results with the Extended Range of Vision IOL

M. Pande UK

Adopting the Extended Range of Vision IOL into a premium practice

Location: Room 8

The Extended Range of Vision IOL - A Proven Concept for Presbyopia Correction

Moderator(s): G. Auffarth Germany

T. Seiler Switzerland


J. Mehta Singapore

Being at the cutting edge

B. Pajic Switzerland

Efficient workflow - how to operate 4 patients in 1 hour with Femto-Phako

L. Izquierdo Jr. Peru

Complex cataracts

T. Seiler Switzerland


Location: Room 9

FEMTO LDV Z8 - It's time to make a move!

Moderator(s): T. Seiler Switzerland

M. Lundstrom Sweden

Numbers Don't Lie

J. Wolffsohn UK

Explaining the Gap Between Data and Reality

Round Table Participants:

M. LundströmSweden

J. WolffsohnUK

T. FerreiraPortugal

M. AmonAustria

A. BarsamUK

Location: Room 12

Refractive Surprise; The Big Taboo

Moderator(s): R. Nuijts The Netherlands

J. AlfonsoSpain

Twenty years preserving the cornea for the future: "Safety"

R. ZaldivarArgentina

Collamer- a unique material for long term safety

E. MertensBelgium

Correcting astigmatism in today's refractive practice

J. AramberriSpain

Surgical pearls for succesful implantation of the Visian ICL

S. AwwadLebanon

Why I choose Visian ICL-a collamer lens- for my patients

Location: Room 13

Preserving the Cornea and the Lens for the Future

Moderator(s): A. AgarwalIndia

G. Staurenghi Italy

OCT-Angiography – how does it work?

G. Coscas France

OCT-Angiography vs. Fluorescence Angiography

T. Krohne Germany

Clinical Examples

Location: Room 14

Update OCT-Angiography

Moderator(s): M. Long UK

T. Kohnen Germany

First experiences with the Pentacam® AXL

T. Schultz Germany

IOL outcome with the Pentacam®AXL

R. Potvin USA

Refractive cylinder outcomes using total corneal refractive power for toric IOL planning

Location: Room 6

Pentacam® goes IOL World Premiere of the New Pentacam® AXL

Moderator(s): T. Kohnen Germany

A. Kanellopoulos Greece

A new age in laser cataract surgery

G. Sauder Germany

2 years of experience with Nano Laser

I. Tanev Bulgaria

A comparison of Nano Laser endothelium

A. Galal Germany

My personal experience with Nano Laser

Questions and Answers and Discussion

Symposium Essentials

Location: Room 7

The Real Laser Cataract Surgery

Moderator(s): A. Kanellopoulos Greece

J.M. Ruiz MorenoSpain J. Montero Spain

Choroidal imaging by Swept Source OCT

J.M. LarrosaArgentina

New tool in glaucoma diagnosis - Triton Swept Source

L. AriasSpain

New trends in AMD imaging

G. AnastassiouGermany

Diagnosis with Swept Source

Location: Room 5

Swept Source OCT Combined with OCT-Angio and Other Multi Modal Imaging Tools

Moderator(s): J.M. Ruiz MorenoSpain J. Montero Spain

J. Fromow-GuerraMexico

A. MahootchiUSA

Location: Room 2

A Real World Treat & Extend Strategy for DME Patients - MicroPulse® Laser Therapy: A Cost-Effective & Durable Solution

O. Findl Austria

LENTIS Comfort vs. Monofocal IOLs

P. Versace Australia

LENTIS Low Add MFIOL’s and Photic Phenomenae

J. Reiter Germany

Clinical Experience with the LENTIS Mplus MF20

D. Breyer Germany

Comfort Blended Vision – The Düsseldorf Formula

F. Kretz Germany

LENTIS Comfort Toric – The toric EDOF IOL - A perfect combination

Location: Room 15

Pioneering Low Add MFIOL’s – LENTIS Comfort and LENTIS Mplus

Moderator(s): O. Findl Austria

J. Machat Canada

Deciding between cornea and lens based treatment

R. Zaldivar Argentina

Strategies for Achieving a Premium Result with a Small Aperture

J. Vukich USA

Initial US KAMRA Inlay™ experience post-Approval

R. Ang Philippines

Extending Depth of Focus with the IC-8™ Small Aperture IOL

B. Dick Germany

Posterior Segment Surgeries in a Small Aperture Implanted Eye

Location: Room 4

Extending Depth-of-Focus with Small Aperture Technology

Moderator(s): B. Dick Germany

Saturday 05 September | 18:15

D. MullerUSA

Opening remarks

W. DuppsUSA

Practical biomechanics of refractive cross-linking

M. MrochenSwitzerland

Untapped opportunities in refractive correction

M. Elling Germany

PiXL – 6 month results of prospective study of refractive cross-linking for low myopia

J. MarshallUK M. MrochenSwitzerland

Panel Discussion + Audience Questions

Location: Room 14

PiXL: Untapped Opportunities in Refractive Correction

Moderator(s): D. MullerUSA

Sunday 06 September | 13:00 - 14:00

N. Luft Austria

Corneal epithelial remodeling imaged by AS-OCT

L. Schmetterer Austria

Laser speckle flowgraphy: clinical applications and first results in Caucasians

G. Staurenghi Italy

Clinical benefits of fundus autofluorescence and the frontiers of OCT angiography

Location: Room 15

From Pole to Pole: Innovative Technologies to Take the Clinical Practice One Step Further

Moderator(s): G. Staurenghi Italy

J. Mendicute Spain

Redefining control in IOL delivery with UltraSert™ pre-loaded system

B. Aslan Turkey

A deep dive into Active Fluidics and Balanced Energy

K. Abdelrahman Hashem Egypt

How to handle hard and complicated cataract leveraging on advanced phaco technology

C. Mariotti Italy

LuxOR®, my experience with a different style of view

Location: Room 10

Taking your Standard Cataract Procedure to a New Level, Utilizing New Technologies

Moderator(s): D. Allen UK

T. Kohnen Germany

Managing post-operative inflammation & dry eye

E. Holland USA

New Nevanac once daily for post cataract inflammation

J. Benítez del Castillo Sánchez Spain

Novel Systane hydration for dry eye management

T. Kohnen Germany

Open Discussion

Location: Room 11

Novel Therapies for Improving Cataract Surgery Outcomes

Moderator(s): T. Kohnen Germany

R. Osher USA

Amazing cases with the next generation Malyugin Ring

B. Malyugin Russia

Malyugin Ring 2.0 - the smaller the better

S. Masket USA

Hooks, rings and things. Keeping out of trouble

Location: Room 16

Complex Cataract Cases - The Simple Truths

Moderator(s): R. Osher USA

W. Sekundo Germany

SMILE: current status of the technique and long-term results

G. Carp UK

The MEL 90: state of the art presbyopia correction with PRESBYOND and therapeutic refractive surgery

S. Ganesh India

SMILE: my preferred refractive procedure for myopic spherocylindrical corrections and the results

L. Trinh France

Comparison of dry eye syndrome after SMILE and LASIK

K.R. Pradhan Nepal

Preliminary report: SMILE for hyperopia

Location: Room 9

Tomorrow´s Vision Today - Rethinking Established Conventions in Refractive Laser Surgery

Moderator(s): W. Sekundo Germany

O. Findl Austria

A new IOL to treat astigmatism and presbyopia

B. Dick Germany

Intraoperative correction of astigmatism with a Laser Cataract Surgery suite

M. Shafik Egypt

High Definition Wavefront Guided laser correction of astigmatism

Location: Room 12

Astigmatism Management – New Surgical Solutions for a Most Common Problem

Moderator(s): O. Findl Austria

P. Rosen UK

Practices across EU to manage mydriasis & their related risks/ benefits

M. Labetoulle France

Efficacy and safety of the new intracameral combo-solution for mydriasis

A. Behndig Sweden

How this new way of IC may daily improve your cataract surgery?

Location: Room 2

IC Route the New Standard Route for Cataract Surgery

Moderator(s): B. Cochener France

J. Fernández Spain

Advancing Femtosecond Laser Cataract Surgery Techniques with the Zero Phaco Handpiece

P. Stodulka Czech Republic

Combining the VICTUS® Femtosecond Laser and a New Premium IOL

J. Alvarez de Toledo Spain

Therapeutic Applications with the VICTUS® Femtosecond Laser Platform

R. Ang Philippines

Presbyopic LASIK Solutions with the TECHNOLAS® TENEO™ 317 and SUPRACOR®

Location: Room 8

Video Symposium on Premium Procedures

Moderator(s): S. Daya UK


R. Bellucci Italy

EVA: a new paradigm in phaco fluidics

S. Srinivasan UK

No compromises: sub 1.8mm cataract surgery

J. van Calster Belgium

My case experience: pseudoexfoliation, floppy iris and other complex cataract cases

E. BarraquerSpain

Anterior staining: why purity matters

Questions & Answers

Location: Room 13

Phaco Forward: Surgical Experience of New Phaco Technologies

J. Marshall UK

K. Brasse Germany

J. Conrath Canada

Location: Room 7

Retinal Rejuvenation Therapy (2RT), and Laser Vitreolysis

Moderator(s): M.J. Tassignon Belgium

A. Abulafia Israel

Hitting your target with toric IOLs

G. Barrett Australia

Toric Pearls - improving the prediction of astigmatic outcomes

K.G. Gundersen Norway

EyeSuite IOL Toric Calculator, first experience with this powerful tool

Location: Room 14

Master your Toric Planning for Improved Refractive Outcomes with the LENSTAR LS 900

Moderator(s): W. Hill USA

Sunday 06 September | 18:00

Location: Las Arenas Dome


Monday 07 September | 13:00 - 14:00

T. Kohnen Germany

AcrySof® IQ PanOptix®: a new perspective in trifocality

Z. Nagy Hungary

Verion Image Guided System in my practice

R. Nuijts The Netherlands

ORA® Verify +: my early experience

A. Cummings Ireland

New horizon with software upgrade Green

Location: Room 16

Precision in Refractive & Cataract Surgery with New Innovative Solutions

Moderator(s): T. Kohnen Germany

E. Ligabue Italy

The enVista® Toric IOL - clinical outcomes and surgical pearls

C. Leydolt Austria

Clinical study on a yellow, preloaded, hydrophobic IOL

E. Mertens Belgium

Premium procedures - VICTUS® femtosecond laser and a new premium IOL

A. Toso Italy

Two year PCO outcomes with the MICS INCISE® IOL

S. Morselli Italy

The MICS INCISE® IOL – evaluation of the optical quality

Location: Room 2

The Complete Portfolio to Suit All Your Patient Profiles

Moderator(s): A. Denoyer France

B. Cochener France

Long-term clinical outcomes with FineVision: a multicenter study

R. Ang Philippines

Tips & tricks for optimal refractive outcomes

L. Izquierdo Peru

Why trifocal IOLs remain my first choice

K. Nistad Norway

Memira clinics, experience from more than 10,000 FineVision & FineVision Toric. Results and patient satisfaction.

Location: Room 6

FineVision, 4 Years Follow-Up : The Secrets to Guarantee Patient Satisfaction and Practice Performance

Moderator(s): L. Álvarez-Rementería Spain

M. Rolando Italy

Ocular surface diseases: the alteration of a system

E. Messmer Germany

Essential fatty acids therapies for dry eye: what is hype and what is real?

P. Aragona Italy

Topical treatment with Omega-3 fatty acids: clinical results

Conclusion, Questions and Answers

Location: Room 15

Essential Fatty Acids: Current and Future Treatments for Ocular Surface Diseases

Moderator(s): S. Barabino Italy

J. Bolger UK

Eligibility of CO-MICS in state-of-the-art cataract surgery

D. Holland Germany

With or without Femto - minimizing phaco times with easyPhaco®

L. Karabas Turkey

The power of fluidics in combined phaco/vitrectomy surgery

B. Pajic Switzerland

HFDS® - a true MIGS alternative in modern glaucoma treatment

L. Trinh France

First hand experience with the OS4® surgery platform

Location: Room 5

The Future Way of Phaco and MIGS Surgeries

Moderator(s): R. Menapace Austria

R. Walters UK


B. Doolan Australia

Effective partnership in programme and fundraising

R. Walters UK

Successful partnerships: politics, personalities and participation

R. Walters UK


Location: Room 4

The Power Of Partnership: Working Together To Alleviate Blindness In Developing Countries

Moderator(s): R. Walters UK

J. Blanckaert Belgium

Tri-ED: trifocal iol with EDOF combination initial outcomes

M. LugarThe Netherlands

Tri-ED IOL: new approach to presbyopia treatment in cataract patients

P. Stodulka Czech Republic

Reviol Tri-ED first clinical experience

Questions & Answers

Location: Room 14

VSY Biotechnology Tri-ED Satellite Meeting

Moderator(s): P. Stodulka Czech Republic

R. Montes-Mico Spain

Mini Well: a new product concept

G. Savini Italy

Pearls in biometry

G. Auffarth Germany

Visual outcome in patients implanted with Mini Well

G. Alessio Italy

Quality of vision and clinical results with Mini Well

Location: Room 7

Presbyopia: The Beginning of a New Era

Moderator(s): R. Bellucci Italy G. Auffarth Germany