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EuroTimes Satellite Programme

Lunchtime Symposia Saturday 14 September | 13:00 - 14:00

Programme Coming Soon

The above programme is supported by an independent medical education grant from:

Johnson and Johnson Vision



Location: North 4

Ocular Surface Disease Diagnosis and Management: Special Focus on the Lipid Layer

Moderator(s): B. Cochener France J. Güell Spain

R. Osher USA

Difficult cases simplified by the 2nd generation Malyugin Ring.

B. Ayres USA

Little tools that simplify big cases.

B. Malyugin Russia

Are we happy with the options available to simplify small pupil surgery?

Location: South 1

Complex Cases, Simplfiied

Moderator(s): R. Osher USA

P. Versace Australia

Functional performance and stability study results of a new capsule fixated EDOF-IOL

M. Russell Australia

Implantation of a capsulotomy fixated IOL utilising Zepto precision pulse capsulotomy

M. Prost Poland

Benefits of segmental optics in the field of pediatrics

J. Alió Spain

10 years segmental optics – what have we learnt

Location: West 4

Oculentis' Toolbox for Refractive Lens Surgery: 10 Years Mplus; FEMTIS & Zepto

Moderator(s): P. Versace Australia

T. Seiler Switzerland

15 years experience with Ziemer femtosecond lasers

A. Barsam UK

Customised flap creation

L. Izquierdo Peru

Lenticule extraction - the Ziemer way

S.P. Chee Singapore

Management of complex cataract cases with Z8

R. Menapace Austria

Z8 arcuate incisions for low to moderate corneal astigmatism: procedure and results

J. Mehta Singapore

Don't be so inflammatory

Location: South 4

Unfold Your Possibilities

Moderator(s): T. Seiler Switzerland

J. Wasyluk Poland

How glaucoma lasers are different from each other?

Y. Lachkar France

SLT: a clinically proven safe and effective first line treatment

P. Gouws UK

SubCyclo: a new treatment option for advanced and refractory glaucoma

F. Oddone Italy

How to enhance SubCyclo laser therapy thanks to the transillumination technique?

Y. Lachkar France

Conclusion: how to rank laser in glaucoma treatment?

Location: West 5

Management of Glaucoma with Subthreshold Laser Therapy

Moderator(s): Y. Lachkar France

R. Ang Philippines

Driving new refractive technology

B. Dick Germany

Go with the flow: adaptive fluidics™

A. Denoyer France

Full vision - live OCT VICTUS® in action

I.P. Singh USA

Complete FLACS starring the enhanced enVista® Platform

Location: South 6

Rethink Advanced Performance: All In Video

Moderator(s): J. Fernández Spain

A. Abulafia Israel

IOL power calculation: clinical outcomes

G. Auffarth Germany

The next generation: NEW Pentacam® AXL Wave

M. Belin USA

ABCD keratoconus staging and progression: the objective way

R. Ambrósio Brazil

Ectasia risk assessment

R. Vinciguerra Italy

Biomechanical assessment post LASIK

Location: South 3

New Developments using Scheimpflug Technology in Cataract and Refractive Surgery

Moderator(s): C. Roberts USA M. Belin USA

P. Stalmans Belgium

How to aim for perfection as the lowest standard for your practice?

W.J. Mayer Germany

Latest technology for higher accuracy and reduced staff time - a contradiction in terms?

B. Ayres USA

Digitally assisted visualization: utility and pearls

A. Hamid UK

The presbyopia correcting IOL decision tree: a case based discussion

Location: South 5

Mastering your Cataract Surgery Workflow with Next Level Technology

Moderator(s): P. Stalmans Belgium

A. Kasper Germany

Live demonstration

B. Bachmann Germany


D. Gatinel France

Cataract & refractive

Location: West 8

Applications for High Resolution Anterior Segment Imaging

Moderator(s): A. Kasper Germany

D. Gatinel France

FineVIsionTriumf the first EDOF trifocal: How to achieve spectacle independence and high quality of vision

R. Ang Philippines

FineVision Triumf: the first clinical evaluation of a unique and innovative EDOF trifocal IOL

R. Bilbao-Calabuig Spain

Isofocal technology: how this purely refractive lens could enhance depth of focus for your cataract patient

Location: West 1

Technological Breakthrough by PhysIOL: Ready to be Amazed Again?

Moderator(s): D. Gatinel France

G. Luthra India

How hill RBF changed my practice

D. Goldblum Switzerland

Eyestar, a new approach to measure and image the eye; first clinical data

G. Barrett Australia

The role of the posterior cornea in IOL calculations, modelling vs. measurement

A. Abulafia Israel

Microsperophakia and astigmatism/role of posterior cornea in IOL calculations

Location: West 6

Complex, Unique and Exquisite Anterior Segment Cases and New Technology for Improved Outcomes in Cataract Surgery

Moderator(s): G. Savini Italy

P. Piers The Netherlands

Introduction to an innovative PCIOL technology

F. Carones Italy

P. Bouchut France

M. Pande UK

A. Barisic Croatia

First real-world experience with a new PCIOL technology

Location: FPF

Synergizing the Best of Two Worlds in Presbyopia-correcting IOL Technologies

Moderator(s): F. Carones Italy


E. Mertens Belgium

F. Kretz Germany

J. Mendicute Spain

M. Tomita Japan

Location: South 2

Halo and Glare? Not a Problem Anymore: The World's First and Only Sinusoidal Trifocal IOL, Acriva Trinova

Moderator(s): J. Blanckaert Belgium

Evening Symposium Saturday 14 September | 18:00 - 19:45


C. Baudouin France


K. Gunderson Norway


F. Hengerer Germany


Location: South 3

Introducing iStent Inject W: The Trabecular Micro-Bypass Stent for the Cataract Surgeon

Moderator(s): T. Samuelson USA

R. Rajpal USA

Opening remarks

C. Mazzotta Italy

Boost your knowledge: the science behind Epi-On CXL

M. Balidis Greece

Case study - my personal experience with boost Epi-On CXL

F. Malecaze France

Boost Epi-On CXL: 6 month clinical data

B. Cronin Australia

Boost your practice: implementing Epi-On CXL

R. Rajpal USA

Closing remarks

Location: West 6

Beyond Barriers: Boost Epi-On CXL with Oxygen

Moderator(s): R. Rajpal USA

Lunchtime Symposia Sunday 15 September | 13:00 - 14:30

Programme coming soon

The above programme is supported by an independent medical education grant from:

Johnson and Johnson Vision


Location: North 4

Presbyopia and Toric IOL Correction: Keys to success with Multifocal and EDOF IOLs

Moderator(s): B. Cochener-Lamard France O. Findl Austria

Lunchtime Symposia Sunday 15 September | 13:00 - 14:00

C. Grupcheva Bulgaria

From artificial tears to targeted eye drops

G. Garhöfer Austria

Decoding inflammation in dry eye disease: advances in patient management

J. Güell Spain

Maintaining ocular health in caratact surgery

R. Nuijts The Netherlands

Strategies to streamline the flow of your cataract surgery list

Location: South 5

Progresses in Management in Ocular Surface and Cataract Surgery

Moderator(s): C. Grupcheva Bulgaria

S. Ganesh India

My clinical experience and comparative study results with Optiflex trio IOLs

M. Busin Italy

Eyecryl toric IOLs for correcting corneal astigmatism after keratoplasty

E. Sunay Turkey

Eyecryl phakic & phakic toric IOLs : my experience

K. Balparda Colombia

Eyecryl phakic toric IOL implantation in keratoconus cases : the art and science of getting excellent results

Location: West 4

Mastering Precision & Predictability: Biotech Premium IOLs & Challenging Cases

Moderator(s): B. Toygar Turkey S. Goel India

Location: South 6

Iridex Satellite Meeting

J.P. Renard France

Automated gonioscopy for therapeutic management of glaucoma

L. Abegão Pinto Portugal

Optimal outcomes with ideal SLT treatment and relevant goniophotography

F. Kretz Germany

Samurai spirits - cutting-edge approach to cataract surgery

Location: West 3

Innovations in Glaucoma and Cataract

Moderator(s): S. Daya UK

F. Carones Italy

PanOptix®: how to maximize the benefits and visual outcomes in challenging cases

J. Murta Portugal

Integrated solutions with ORA™ intraoperative aberrometry for cataract refractive surgery challenges

D. Gatinel France

The next era in customized laser vision correction

B.S. Aslan Turkey

Corneal enhancements with software upgrade ASCEND

Location: West 1

Targeting Refractive Outcomes Precision: Beyond the Innovations

Moderator(s): F. Carones Italy

P. Piers The Netherlands

New technology to enhance patient outcomes with a monofocal IOL

R. Khoramnia Germany

Clinical experience with a next generation monofocal IOL

D. Tognetto Italy

Rethinking monofocal IOLs: an innovative technology arising. Functional results

F. Goes Belgium

Enhancing the ease for implantations and meeting patient expectations

Location: South 2

Challenging the Standard for Monofocal IOL

Moderator(s): D. Tognetto Italy

M. Amon Austria

Sulcoflex platform: the journey through the supplementary IOLs and 12 years of clinical history

R. Jayaswal UK

Introduction to Rayner trifocal technology: a new refractive enhancement opportunity for patients

R. Khoramnia Germany

Scientific deep dive: clinical results from in-vivo and in-vitro competitor analysis

A. Mularoni Italy

Trifocal platform that performs on any optic: long term follow up

D. Holland Germany

The unhappy pseudophakic patient: a new refractive opportunity with Sulcoflex Trifocal

Location: West 2

Sulcoflex Trifocal: A New Opportunity for your Refractive Patients

Moderator(s): M. Amon Austria

D. Reinstein UK

9mm ETM in keratoconus detection

A. El Maftouhi France

The role of epithelial thickness mapping in dry eye

M. Rispoli Italy

AngioVue OCT-Angiography in AMD & diabetic retinopathy : 5 years follow-up

M. Puech France

The place of OCTA in the glaucoma imaging armamentarium in 2019

Location: West 6

New Gold Standards in OCT: 9mm Epithelial Thickness Mapping & AngioAnalytics OCTA Metrics

Moderator(s): M. Puech France

A. Filip Romania

LVC market and individual practices - driving the evolution with SMILE

D. Reinstein UK

Evaluating options in today's refractive surgery for my individual patient

J. Fernández Spain

Aiming for perfection as the lowest standard

P. Stodulka Czech Republic

What to expect? An update on SMILE hyperopia

J. Hjortdal Denmark

What to expect? Intrastromal lenticule rotation for treatment of high astigmatism

L. Mastropasqua Italy

What to expect? Options for clinical use of stromal lenticules

Location: South 3

SMILE - Equipped for the Future

Moderator(s): D. Reinstein UK

I. Stalmans Belgium


A. Bron France

Unmet need in glaucoma surgery

I.K. Ahmed Canada

Real world experience with PRESERFLO™ MicroShunt

Panel Discussion:


I. Stalmans Belgium

A. Bron France

F. Aptel France

I.K. Ahmed Canada

Location: South 4

What Do You Expect From Glaucoma Surgery?

Moderator(s): I. Stalmans Belgium

J. Alió Spain

First clinical experience with a new hydrophobic MIOL based on segmental optics

F. Kretz Germany

Objective quality of vision and visual acuity with a new glisten-free EDOF-IOL

H. Uy Philipines

6 month results with a new hydrophobic asymmetric-refractive extended depth of focus (EDOF) IOL

G. Auffarth Germany

Results of comparative in-vitro glistening study

Location: West 8

Unique Brilliance: New IOL-Family with Segmented Optics & Innovative Hybrid-hydrophobic Material

Moderator(s): J. Alió Spain

Evening Symposium Sunday 15 September | 19:00 - 19:45

Enhanced OR experience

Co Moderator: S. Al-Messabi UAE

C. Johansson Sweden

G. Scharioth Germany

Enhanced safety during phaco with Centurion® Active Sentry®

K.G. Gunderson Norway

Enhanced intra-operative visualisartion with NGENUITY® and LuxOR™ Revalia™

Enhanced patient selection for PC IOL

Co Moderator: C. Bala Australia

C. Bala Australia

R. Ruiz-Mesa Spain

Increase treatment opportunities with PC IOLs through the new AcrySof® IQ Vivity® IOL and AcrySof® IQ PanOptix® IOL

Location: Palais Brongniart

2 Minutes to Enhanced OR Experience and Patient Selection! Debating the Topics Most Important to your Practice

Moderator(s): A. Brezin France

Lunchtime Symposia Monday 16 September | 13:00 - 14:00

Programme coming soon

This programme is supported by an independent medical education grant from:




Location: North 4

Optimising the Latest Medical Therapies and Modern MIGS for Glaucoma Cataract Patient

Moderator(s): P. Denis France R. Bellucci Italy

F. Bandello Italy

Welcome and introductions

B. Malyugin Russia

How to best manage post-cataract infectious complications – case studies

A. Mearza UK

Post-cataract prophylaxis: the present and future

T. Kohnen Germany

LEADER7: a new approach in the post-operative period

F. Bandello Italy

Q&A, summary and close

Location: West 3

Post-Cataract Infections: Prevention, Management and the Future

Moderator(s): F. Bandello Italy

H. Kjaerbo Denmark

Optimize OR planning with the RFID Smart Cabinet solution

M. Guarro Spain

Simplify the patient pathway during the cataract procedure

P. Ursell UK

Improve outcomes for your practice based on real world evidence data

M. Acebal Spain

Leverage product solutions to increase operational room performance

Location: South 3

Partnering to Drive Efficiency in your Practice Through Alcon Sources and Solutions

Moderator(s): M. Guarro Spain

M. Tomita Japan

My experience of 600 presbyopic IPCL over 4 years

G. Bianchi Argentina

IPCL for myopia and presbyopia

P. Stodulka Czech Republic

Clinical results with Tridiff Trifocal IOL

M.A. Teus Spain

Atomic force microscopy analysis of surface roughness of posterior chamber phakic lenses

K. Kapur India

Learning from 2000+ IPCL experience

Location: West 6

Innovative Solutions for Presbyopia and Refractive Errors

Moderator(s): P. Stodulka Czech Republic R. Shetty India

R. Walters UK

Refugee eye care: introduction

N. Weil USA

Eye care for refugees: the challenges

S. Behshad USA

Treatment of eye conditions amongst refugees

R. Walters UK

Refugee eye care: thanks

Location: West 7

ORBIS International Symposium: Eye Care for Refugees

Moderator(s): R. Walters UK

J. Fernández Spain

Prediction of visual acuity and contrast sensitivity: from ray tracing simulation to clinical evidence

M. Assouline France

Clinical evidence from a series of 2300 consecutive eyes implanted with 5 different multifocal IOLs by a single surgeon.

G. Scharioth Germany

Binocular trifocal monovision in high myopes

S. Srinivasan UK

AddOn® IOLs - a value added proposition

E. Mertens Belgium

1stQ AddOn®: tailor-made solution for bringing patients into their visual comfort zone.

Location: South 2

Presbyopia Correcting IOLs: Learning from Clinical Evidence

Moderator(s): S. Srinivasan UK

S. Daya UK

Welcome to the Keranova symposium!

F. Romano France

G. Thuret France

Origins of Keranova - company genesis and FemtoMatrix system principles

C. Mauclair France

How wavefront modification creates multi-spot laser beams - the science behind Keranova's beam shaping capabilities

A. Bernard France

Laser-tissue interactions: a bubble's life - a look into photoemulsification and customized energy management

P. Stodůlka Czech Republic

First in human Study - 2019 capsulotomy, photoemulsification and robotic docking results

S. Daya UK

Open Discussion

Location: West 4

Robotized Ultrafast Photoemulsification of Cataracted Lens

Moderator(s): S. Daya UK

Location: West 2

Schwind Satellite Meeting


Evening Symposium Monday 16 September | 18:00 - 19:45

D. Spalton UK

Welcome and introduction

M. Packer USA

Optical comparison of a novel monofocal extended depth of focus IOL and a conventional bifocal extended depth of focus IOL

F. Kretz Germany

First-in-human clinical outcome and patient satisfaction with a novel extended-depth-of-focus IOL satisfying ISO standards for monofocal IOL

G. Auffarth Germany

First clinical experience with a new monofocal IOL with enhanced depth of focus

D. Spalton UK

Q&A and closing remarks

Location: West 1

New Concept Monofocal IOL with Continuous Focus

Moderator(s): D. Spalton UK