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EuroTimes Satellite Programme

Lunchtime Symposia Saturday 14 September | 13:00 - 14:00

Location: South 1

MST Satellite Meeting

Location: West 4

FEMTIS - Turn your Automated Capsulotomies into Great Vision


J. Mehta Singapore

S.P. Chee Singapore

Location: South 4

Unfold Your Possibilities

Moderator(s): T. Seiler Switzerland

J. Wasyluk Poland

How glaucoma lasers are different from each other?

Y. Lachkar France

SLT: a clinically proven safe and effective first line treatment

P. Gouws UK

SubCyclo: a new treatment option for advanced and refractory glaucoma

F. Oddone Italy

How to enhance SubCyclo laser therapy thanks to the transillumination technique?

Y. Lachkar France

Conclusion: how to rank laser in glaucoma treatment?

Location: West 5

Management of Glaucoma with Subthreshold Laser Therapy

Moderator(s): Y. Lachkar France

Location: South 6

Rethink Advanced Performance: All In Video

Moderator(s): J. Fernández Spain

A. Abulafia Israel

IOL power calculation: clinical outcomes

G. Auffarth Germany

The next generation: NEW Pentacam® AXL Wave

M. Belin USA

ABCD keratoconus staging and progression: the objective way

R. Ambrósio Brazil

Ectasia risk assessment

R. Vinciguerra Italy

Biomechanical assessment post LASIK

Location: South 3

New Developments using Scheimpflug Technology in Cataract and Refractive Surgery

Moderator(s): C. Roberts USA M. Belin USA

P. Stalmans Belgium

How to aim for perfection as the lowest standard for your practice?

W.J. Mayer Germany

Latest technology for higher accuracy and reduced staff time - a contradiction in terms?

B. Ayres USA

Digitally assisted visualization: utility and pearls

A. Hamid UK

The presbyopia correcting IOL decision tree: a case based discussion

Location: South 5

Mastering your Cataract Surgery Workflow with Next Level Technology

Moderator(s): P. Stalmans Belgium

Location: West 8

Heidelberg Engineering Satellite Meeting

Location: West 1

Technological Breakthrough by PhysIOL: Ready to be Amazed Again?

Location: West 6

Complex, Unique, and Exquisite Anterior Segment Cases: Exam Through Execution

Moderator(s): W. Hill USA

Location: South 2

VSY Biotechnology Satellite Meeting

Lunchtime Symposia Sunday 15 September | 13:00 - 14:00

A. Denoyer France

Medical management of dry eye: from old to new

G. Garhöfer Austria

Decoding inflammation in dry eye disease: advances in patient management

J. Güell Spain

Maintaining ocular health in caratact surgery

R. Nuiits The Netherlands

Strategies to streamline the flow of your cataract surgery list

Location: South 5

Improving Ocular Surface Outcomes with Advanced Therapeutics

Moderator(s): B. Cochener France

Location: West 4

Biotech Satellite Meeting

Location: South 6

Iridex Satellite Meeting

Location: West 3

NIDEK Satellite Meeting

Location: West 1

Targeting Refractive Outcomes Precision: Beyond the Innovations

Moderator(s): F. Carones Italy

M. Amon Austria

Sulcoflex platform: the journey through the supplementary IOLs and 12 years of clinical history

R. Jayaswal UK

Introduction to Rayner trifocal technology: a new refractive enhancement opportunity for patients

R. Khoramnia Germany

Scientific deep dive: clinical results from in-vivo and in-vitro competitor analysis

A. Mularoni Italy

Trifocal platform that performs on any optic: long term follow up

D. Holland Germany

The unhappy pseudophakic patient: a new refractive opportunity with Sulcoflex Trifocal

Location: West 2

Sulcoflex Trifocal: A New Opportunity for your Refractive Patients

Moderator(s): M. Amon Austria

Location: West 6

Optovue Satellite Meeting

D. Reinstein UK

LVC market and individual practices - driving the evolution with SMILE


Evaluating options in today's refractive surgery for my individual patient


Aiming for perfection as the lowest standard

P. Stodulka Czech Republic

What to expect? An update on SMILE hyperopia


What to expect? Options for clinical use of stromal lenticules

Location: South 3

SMILE - Equipped for the Future

Location: South 4

Santen Satellite Meeting

Evening Symposium Sunday 15 September | 18:15 - 19:45

Location: Palais Brogniart

INFOCUS: 2 Minutes to Enhanced OR Experience and Patient Selection! Debating the Topics Most Important to your Practice

Moderator(s): A. Brezin France

Lunchtime Symposia Monday 16 September | 13:00 - 14:00

Location: West 3

Santen Satellite Meeting

Location: South 3

Partnering to Drive Efficiency in your Practice Through Alcon Sources and Solutions

Moderator(s): M. Guarro Spain

Location: West 6

Innovative Solutions for Presbyopia and Refractive Errors

R. Walters UK

Refugee eye care: introduction

N. Weil USA

Eye care for refugees: the challenges

S. Behshad USA

Treatment of eye conditions amongst refugees

R. Walters UK

Refugee eye care: thanks

Location: West 7

ORBIS International Symposium: Eye Care for Refugees

Moderator(s): R. Walters UK


J. Fernández Spain

M. Assouline France

S. Srinivasan UK

G. Scharioth Germany

Location: South 2

Presbyopia Correcting IOLs: Learning from Clinical Evidence

Moderator(s): S. Srinivasan UK

Evening Symposium Monday 16 September | 18:15 - 19:45

Location: West 1

Santen Satellite Meeting