Friday 15 February | 12:45 - 14:15

R. Nuijts The Netherlands


B. Cochener-Lamard France

Review of ESCRS Clinical Survey data

F. Ribeiro Portugal

Pre-operative diagnostics and tools to improve treatment planning with refractive IOLs

Panel discussion

T. Kohnen Germany

Lens-based presbyopia correction options: trifocal IOLs

Panel discussion

F. Carones Italy

Lens-based presbyopia correction options: EDOF IOLs

Panel discussion

Panel discussion: How to match presbyopia correction patient expectations with treatment options

O. Findl Austria

Key considerations for astigmatism correction with presbyopia correcting IOLs

Panel discussion

S. Srinivasan UK

Mitigating post-operative error in refractive IOL patients

Final panel discussion

Final ARS questions and conclusion

Location: Hall Skalkotas

Achieving Optimal Cataract Refractive Outcomes with Presbyopia and Toric Lens Technologies

Moderator(s): T. Kohnen Germany R. Nuijts The Netherlands

Friday 15 February | 13:00 - 14:00

J. Güell Spain

Welcome & review of ESCRS Clinical Survey data

B. Cochener-Lamard France

The impact of ocular surface disease in the surgical setting

G. Kymionis Greece

Using diagnostic tools to better understand the ocular surface

M. Labetoulle France

Management of the ocular surface for improved surgical outcomes

Panel discussion, final ARS and conclusion

Location: Room MC 3

Implementing Ocular Surface Disease Treatment Strategies to Improve Surgical Outcomes

Moderator(s): B. Cochener-Lamard France J. Güell Spain

Saturday 16 February | 13:00 - 14:00

P. Rosen UK

Introduction and review of ESCRS Clinical Survey data

P. Rosen UK

Principles of phacoemulsification: phaco fluidics

R. Packard UK

Principles of phacoemulsification: phaco power modulation

F. Ribeiro Portugal

N. Reus The Netherlands

Matching machine setting parameters to specific cases

Discussion and conclusion

Location: Hall Skalkotas

Surgical Phaco Basics: Optimising Machine Settings for All Cases

Moderator(s): P. Rosen UK

F. Carones Italy

Welcome & introduction

P. Piers The Netherlands

New technology to enhance patient outcomes with monofocal IOL

O. Goslings The Netherlands

First real world experience with a new monofocal lens design

F. Carones Italy

Impact of MGD treatment on the cataract practice


Location: Room MC 2

New Concepts for Improving Patient Outcomes in Cataract Surgery

Moderator(s): F. Carones Italy

K. Boboridis Greece

Dry eye management

A. Shortt UK

Ocular surface inflammation

S. Doan Greece

Blepharitis caused by demodex

G. Kymionis Greece

Cataract surgery

Location: Room MC 3

How Can Théa’s Innovations Improve…?

Moderator(s): G. Kymionis Greece